Silver Tree Water Polo Club is open to both men
and ladies. The club competes in the first league
and caters for beginners, juniors and social players.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Silvertree Fixtures - 17 May 2012

Thur 17th May

Time:                 League:            White:                 Blue:
6-6.30pm           Ladies               Silvertree        v     SACS
6.30 - 7pm         2nd Pool A        SACS 2A      v     RWC Rogues
7 - 7.30pm         2nd Pool B        RWC Colts    v     SACS 2C
7.30 - 8pm         2nd Pool B        RWC Rebels  v    Wynberg 1
8 - 8.30pm         2nd Pool B        SACS 2B       v    V/College 2nds
8.30 - 9pm         1st Men's           SACS            v     RWC 1sts

Time:                   League:          White:                         Blue:
6.30 - 7pm           Ladies              V/College 1         v        V/College 2
7 - 7.30pm           2nd Pool A       Wynberg 2          v        Silvertree
7.30 - 8pm           2nd Pool A       VOB                   v        UWC
8 - 8.30pm           1st Men's          V/College 1sts     v        Silvertree
8.30 - 9pm           Friendly            UCT 1st & 2nd    v       V/College 1st

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Size 4 - Ladies and Grade 6 & 7 Boys: R300.00
Size 5 - Men: R300.00

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